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OPUS High Technology Corp. launched a new product for the motorcycle-specific wireless headset "beLINK", which can be directly installed in the helmet. Even if an emergency call is received while riding a motorcycle, it can be transmitted via the mobile phone Bluetooth. 
You don't need to stop the motorcycle to answer the phone while riding. In order to provide more completely protection and enhance the mobility of the officers , the company's chairman Chemmy Chen expressed his support for the police work with practical actions, and donated 100 sets "beLINK" passionately.

Police Chief Director Chang Rongxing issued a certificate of appreciation to OPUS High Technology Corp. on April 19, 2018., and said that the company has demonstrated the concept of "Limited police force and Endless civil strength" with concrete actions!
The donatedmotorcycle-specific wireless headset "beLINK" will help to improve the safety of the police when riding, and it will be great of helpful of the police's public security maintenance. At the same time, all police colleagues will do their utmost to maintain the local public security and traffic work. The safety of people's lives and property is better protected.

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