OPUS has an Expert Bluetooth R&D team covering from hardware circuit design, software programming, firmware coding to mechanical design. We are dynamic in working with customers for a shorter product developing time and with a more economic development cost. Giving proper technical advice to our OEM/ODM customers at the proper timing is what we believe to make an OEM/ ODM project even more successful in the end, and we do have the capability to provide this based on more than a decade of RF and audio design experiences.

We are the experts for mission-critical applications and many of our OEM/ ODM customers use our devices in the fields of Air-Force, Navy, Marines Corp., Army, Police, Fire Departments, S.W.A.T, and other specific sites.

We also have a complete production line with enough capacity to meet the vast demand from our customers. Entrust us with your OEM/ ODM products and we can assure you with well-designed and quality products to market in your channels.

We offer the following services :

  • OEM production service.
  • ODM design and production services.
  • Software and firmware design services.

Efficiency, Quality, and Customization to the details are our strengths and we look forward to your requests soon.

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