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beLINK ® PP 03 Traveler 2019 Latest Product Release4
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 OPUS launched a new generation product - beLINK ® PP03 Traveler in 2019,

 Not only the function is more novel, but the appearance is also more

 dazzling, and the body becomes lighter and thinner.


In addition to beLINK®'s original feature "Internal",

Let the speaker and the main unit and the wire can be installed

inside the helmet, this time we specially designed the 

Traveler's button to be independent of the Controler.

Moreover, it is coated with a waterproof outer covering of the jelly cover

material, and it is no problem to place the whole Controler in the water!


The new Controler design allows the riders to easily press with gloves.

The software part is always available:

Listening to Music, listening to Navigation Direction,

one-on-one Intercom Speaking, and answering Calls,

This time, we especially add the function of Summoning Voice Control,

The Cavaliers only need to press the "Up" button twice,

then you can summon Siri for iOS, and Android will summon Google Search,
(Due to the different settings of the Android's system mobile phones, some Android phone can not summon)

let the Cavaliers easily navigate to the address you want to go to and

call the number you want to dial without taking out your phone.

In addition, the high-profile intercom function,

the current software is updated to the latest version,

Not only can one-on-one intercom with the Traveler PP03, but One-to-one

intercom with the beLINK® Advanced PP02i and the Couple PP02b.

By the way, the Traveler PP 03 now is available connecting with other brand's

Bluetooth headset proactive.


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