beLINK® Bluetooth Motorcyclist Wireless Headset - PP04 DreamChaser

 It is NOW!

 OPUS launched a State-Of-The-Art Bluetooth Headset,

 "beLINK® Bluetooth Motorcyclist Wireless Headset - PP04 DreamChaser"

 changed the style of the previous internal Bluetooth headsets,

 this is our first external Bluetooth headset show in front of the world,

 the Wing of the Angel becomes the appearance of DreamChaser,

 Symbolizing chasing for the dreams.

 Different from previous design styles,

 We put the main operation on the Rotary knob,

 let the swift-and-fierce knights, 

 can operate easily while wearing gloves.


 This time,

 we use the 3M Dual Lock two-way mushroom head velcro,

 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners: Bowling Ball Test VIDEO



Then we don't have to worry about falling off when riding at high speed!


 New microphone coil design, 

 Either full-face or 3/4 helmets can be easily installed.

 The strong coil designed,

 let the knights not to be torn off by accidental pulling.

 and it is Stronger than Traditional wire hose design,


 The software part is always available:

 Listening to Music, listening to Navigation Direction,  Group Call thru LINE,

 one-on-one Intercom Speaking, Answering Calls, Rejecting Incoming Calls,

 We especially add the function of Summoning Voice Control,

 The Cavaliers only need to press the "Up" button twice,

 then you can summon Siri for iOS, and Android will summon Google Search,
(Due to the different settings of the Android's system mobile phones, some Android phone can not summon)

let the Cavaliers easily navigate to the address you want to go to and 

call the number you want to dial without taking out your phone.

In addition, the high-profile intercom function, 

the current software is updated to the latest version,

Not only can intercom with ALL beLINK® Intercom series Headsets.

By the way,

the DreamChaser PP 04 is available connecting with other brand's

Bluetootheadset is proactive.


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