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beLINK® Internal Wireless Headset - Standard Plus

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【beLINK® Standard Plus】  


  (Function) Answer Phone with Wireless Function, 

                    Listen Music with Wireless Function,
                    Receive Navigation Direction with Wireless Function,

                   iOS: Voice-Command Siri Searching and Navigation, 

                   Android: Voice-Command Google Searching and Navigation,

                   App Support: LINE、FaceTime、WhatsApp...etc.

  (Suitable for) Full-Face Helmet, Semi-Cover type Helmet  

  (Battery) Rechargeable lithium battery, need to charge for 3 hours,

                  has 8 hours of endurance, can standby for 150 hours.

  (Bluetppth contact distance with Mobile) Maximum 10 meters.  

  (Specification) Bluetooth V4.0 (Demand: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP)

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