For convenience, cost savings, and ease-of-use,
PowerX3​​​​® integrates 3 products into ONE.

Solar Cell,
Power Bank
Wireless Charger Qi 


How do you use the PowerX3​​​​®?

First, charge the PowerX3​​​​®.

Place the PowerX3​​​​® under the sun. Immediately, it will begin to convert solar energy into electricity. The converted electricity will be stored in the included battery. When no sunlight is available, and you wish to charge the PowerX​​​​3​​​​®, then connect it by a Micro USB Cable to a power source(such as a computer or power outlet).  

Next, charge your phone.

Scenario 1︰If your phone supports Qi wireless charging, then simply place your phone on the PowerX3​​​​®, and your phone will begin to charge

Scenario 2︰If your phone does not support Qi wireless charging, then connect your phone to the PowerX3​​​​® by a Type-A USB Cable to charge


Flashlight, Warning and Help Functions:

PowerX3​​​​® includes a high intensity LED light. The battery capacity of PowerX3​​​​® is 5,000mAh, which can power the LED light for a whole 20 nights long. The attached string allows you to hang the PowerX3​​​​® outside or on your clothes during outdoor activities. When encountering emergency situations, continuously press and release LED button to send the help signal, which will allow others to find you.

PowerX3​​​​® dimensions: 15 cm(L) x 8 cm(W) x 3 cm(H). It is smaller than the iPhone 8s. Easily stored in pockets, briefcases, purses, backpacks, etc.

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